7 Ways Hollywood Celebrities Burn Calories and You Can Too

12:39 PM

There is no arguing with the fact that Hollywood celebrities have incredible fitness regimes. From post baby workouts plan of Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian to staying leaner and fitter plans of Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio, there is a lot we can learn from the West.

How are they able to manage weight so meticulously without harming metabolic activities? Is it the power of some pills or do they have some secret regime that we do not really understand? Well we have just the ways to deal with weight issues right from the Hollywood expert dietician and fitness gurus.

  1)  Hiking

What is your plan to burn those extra calories after weekend desserts and drinks? While most men and women in India think that jogging in the park is a complete fitness routine, health experts tend to think otherwise.

There is no doubt that running is good for health but if you are trying to achieve a leaner, meaner self, the efforts should be different. Tom Cruise believes that hiking is one of the best ways to stay fit. You just have to locate some hill near town and hike at least twice a month. Yeah, it might sound easier but you should try it first and see the difference then.

Tip: Find a spot near your city and some partners who are interested for the hike.  

 2)  Swimming

Ever wondered why celebrities are so obsessed with swimming pools wherever they go? Obviously it can be quite relaxing to stay in water but an hour of swimming can actually make to burn more calories than whatever you prefer doing on weekends. It can also be helpful to join some classes and understand the benefits of swimming first.

We do not really want to dig a pool in backyard but signing up for public one can also be a good idea. Make sure you work hard in it whenever there is time in hand.

Tip: Public pools and be affordable and fun.

 3) Complex Carbs and High Protein

Did you know that body needs calories to process your food too? And did you also know that all types of foods are not processed at same rates? Human body takes more time in digesting complex carbs and more calories in digesting protein. That is the only reason why many celebrity dieticians recommend high protein foods that can keep satiated for longer.

As the majority of Indians are on vegetarian diet, protein intake for weight management remains an issue. You can look into options such as beans and nuts for that purpose and include them in daily diet.

Tip: Egg whites are the perfect start of day.

 4)  Cycling

Women will probably shy away from this tip but men can make good use of it. They love bikes and when it comes to getting something stylish, there are actually plenty of options on market today. From multiple gears to off-road types, bicycles have changed tremendously in the last few years and now you can think of getting one at affordable prices.

Take it out in the evening or may be during the weekends when you want to see a friend. The good news is that many online sellers offer you EMI payment option on bike too. Come on, 1000 buck a month isn’t really a bad deal now.

Tip: Fulfil your teenage dream of getting a geared bicycle. 

 5)  No Salt

We just love to pass the bottles of salt and pepper but did you know that salt can actually be slowing down your metabolism and make body burn lesser calories every day? In fact, sodium also leads to water retention in body, which is one of the other reasons why you can’t seem to get rid of abdominal bulge. Just think about it. In fact lessening the amount of refined sugar in diet is also hepful.

Many people think that Mila Kunis has a naturally fit body type but she actually works hard for it. No salt is her funda too.

Tip: Cut table salt completely. 

 6)  Weight Training

More muscle to have in body, more is your metabolic activity. Now boys don’t really like muscular women but you can go with simple resistance training that pumps up cardiovascular system and metabolism. It is an obvious but overlooked fact that celebrities swear by.

Tip: Bring some weights home and watch videos to use them. 

 7)  Chores

You don’t really always need a fancy costume and equipment sets to get in shape. The daily chores at home can also be very tiring and help you burn more calories than you think. Obviously you don’t need to send the maid off for a holiday and just pick something every day. It can be anything from sweeping around to vacuum cleaning. Garden can also be a good place to start.

Celebrities don’t easily confess mopping the house around but Julia Roberts is the best example we can come up with here.             
Tip: Try the 1 Chore 1 Day idea.

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