7 Reasons Why Hiking is the Best Way to Lose Weight in India

11:39 AM

Burning fat and calories is not a rocket science, or so to speak. The rules of the game are simple. You do activities and burn calories.

Hiking in India to lose weight
But now the problem is that most people are taking more calories that they can burn in a day. Sure running on treadmill might seem like a tiring activity but we need to learn something from the West. Recent Hugh Jackman emphasized on the importance of hiking in losing weight, which Indians need to learn from.

We are sure that you might not have that much of time on weekdays but weekends can be the perfect way to boost up your metabolism. And here’s why.

  1.   It’s affordable.

How much money would it cost to take your bike or car slightly out of the city to hike? You only need some petrol, water, bag, shoes and something to snack on. Hiking is one of the most affordable ways to burn calories in India, way lesser than your gym membership or treadmill cost.

  2.  It challenges you.

The best thing about hiking is that you cannot just turn it off and lie on bed for some rest. Hiking is all about challenging your limits and once you are at the top, you have to come down. There is no second option around it.

  3.  It affects you at mental level.

If you haven’t tried hiking a hill in recent times, nothing can explain what it feels like. When you actually get to the top of it, the whole thing seems worth it. It is a mental victory that will affect you positively in many ways.

  4.   It burns calories.

If you are in India and trying to lose weight using supplements and other stuff, this is something to look up to. A weekend hike can burn so many calories that you cannot even imagine. Hiking is easier said than done.

  5.  It is fun.

The best thing about hiking in India, or any place else, is that often you do not feel the intensity being with friends. Just tell some of your close people about that activity and make it a whole group activity. But yeah, do not pack pastries and beers for the picnic.

  6. It flushes out toxins.

Sweating in an AC room and sweating under the nature are two different things. While burning calories, hiking will also take out toxins from your body, boosting up the metabolism. This will help you burn more weight in the coming week.

  7.   It supports complete fitness.

While a lot of Indians are concentrating just on losing weight, the aim should be complete fitness. Hiking challenges your thighs, calves, your cardiovascular endurance and mental strength at the same time. Hikers are in fact some of the fittest people in the world.           

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