3 Tips to Most Effective Weight Loss Diet Plan

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Over the last few months, our weight loss vegetarian diet plan has helped many of you lose a lot of weight. However, we have received a lot of emails where men and women aren’t exactly looking for a comprehensive diet and exercise plan. They simply seek tips that can push their own personal plans when combined with our snacking tips.

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So, Weight Loss Magazine decided to come up with the most effective weight loss diet and exercise plans that you’d find on the internet. These tips have been collected with the help of nutritionists, fitness experts, and our panel of fitness reporters. Hope that they help you.

1) You are counting the calories wrongly

In the books, weight loss is pretty straight and simple. You have to consume fewer calories that that is being burned during a day. Most of the serious weight watchers actually get into details and count everything to achieve the best results.

However, you cannot just count exact calories burned in a day. I mean that certainly you know what physical labors are being done, but that figure has to be added to basal metabolic rate. BMR is basically the number of calories your body requires for normal functioning, even at rest.
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Let me put it this way, calories are your fuel. So, activities like breathing, blood pumping, and so on also requires calories. Make sure you take that into account and don’t overdo with dieting and exercising.
Here’s an amazing BMR Calculator to help you.      

2) Salt is filling your tummy.

Are you worried about that bulge on the stomach? It doesn’t seem to come off, no matter how much you work out or sacrifice on calories, does it? A lot of people trying to lose weight do not know that salt or sodium chloride is single-handedly responsible for increasing water retention in your body.

Of course salt adds taste to everything from butter to popcorn, but this is something you really need to reconsider. It has been observed that only water retention weight can make you heavier by 2-5 pounds.

Here’s a fun fact. Hugh Jackman didn’t drink water for 24 hours before going shirtless in the Wolverine shot. He even cut down salt completely. However, do not keep your body from water, not in weight loss diet. I was just making a point.   

Important tip: There’s salt everywhere. It’s in the fries, popcorn, butter, bread, and salad. Make sure you cook your own food or read labels.

For snacking, consider Healthy Snacks Under 100 Calories

3) Cardio is not helping.

If you are not just on diet and are actually taking some form of light to moderate exercise, chances are that it’s cardiovascular training. It can be anything from running to cycling and you sweat out like there’s no tomorrow. So if you are burning calories, why is nothing happening? Why are you so far, fat away from the goals?

The problem is that human body gets accustomed to similar challenges. Over the period of time, body adjusts to repetitive workout plans and ceases to reach accordingly. That is precisely why best trainers ensure that you get frequent exercise changes.

I recommend my client to try hiking, sprinting, sports, and other form of more challenging sessions. However, if you don’t really have time or resources to think of such changes, leave a comment and our team will design a plan for you without any cost. 

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