Indian Vegetarian Weight Loss Meal Plan [Chart Download and Tips]

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What is it like to plan to lose weight? It’s just too simple on the paper, isn't it?

Just maintain a calorie deficit (consume lesser calories than you burn in a day), eat good food, drink plenty of water, and exercise a bit. Every damn website, nutritionist, and so called ‘expert’ is talking about these things.

It’s easier for them to say. They don’t have an unbalanced schedule, work hours, and odd eating times. They don’t have to deal with family issues, emotional rushes, and friend get-togethers. Or may be even if they do, they don’t talk about it a lot. Plus, weight loss foods in India are a lot more difficult than in the West. I mean we don’t have the liberty of fat free milk at the cafes or tofu diets in restaurants.

Nevertheless, how about I show you a vegetarian meal plan or diet chart specifically designed for Indians? We don’t all eat meat, but doesn't mean that our diet should lack in protein and micro-nutrients. That’s exactly where I’m going to help you with. Just go through the following diet points that should ideally be a part of your weight loss regime and then download the chart in the end to make sure that you stick to what we have discussed.       

1) Blood Type Food Choices

Did you know that your blood type has a huge influence on metabolism and fat storage functions of the body? It might sound weird, but it has been proven in several researches. In fact, the much trusted Web MD has a whole article on the topic: The Blood Type Diet

However, it’s a more of technical info on bodily reactions and how things are connected along with non-vegetarian food choices. So, we’ll just jump to the following table that will help you choose and avoid food according to the blood type.

Blood Group
Diet Name
Good Food
Eat Less
Increases Weight
Helps Lose Weight
Type O
High Protein
Peanut Butter
Kidney Beans
Veg Seafood like Kale and Kelp  
Type A

Kidney Beans Cauliflower
Wheat Flour
Vegetable Oil
Type B
Green Veggies
All Fruits
Green Tea
Type AB
Grains Vegetables

Kidney Beans
Green Veggies
Now there are two important things here. I know that eggs are not vegetarian, but a lot of people I meet actually consider it okay. So it’s more of personal discretion. Secondly, there’s nothing new about food that we should eat in this blood based diet. I never said it will be. It’s actually more about what you shouldn't eat. I’m going to give you a free Indian vegetarian weight loss meal plan in the end anyway.

2) Sweet Guide

We all know about how processed sugar is bad for health and why you should cut it. It’s practically on every other website today, right? Well, we are going to talk about something else entirely. I have two things to address here.

cold drinks sugar

Firstly, do you know about spikes and dips in blood sugar levels? Let me 
explain it to you. We have all tried to control appetite and worked pretty hard on not eating for a certain duration. However, after a while, there’s this uncontrollable hunger and temptation to eat something. And before you know about it, you end up stashing a lot of calories. Why does that happen?

The sugar rush is actually one of the main reasons why people cannot lose weight. Mayo Clinic explains it wonderfully. They basically say that when our body is in need of calories, it creates a sugar level dip in the blood, which leads to hunger and craving for sugar-rich food. And the best way to deal with it is eating every few hours. Snacking on low G.I. foods like fruits help maintain sugar levels while keeping you satiated.

Now the second thing about sugar is that most of us are taking it in huge quantities unknowingly. Did you know that a can of cola has around 40 grams of sugar? That’s like four times the sugar you take in one cup of tea. Moving on, there are plenty of similar foods that have sugar and you’re consuming them on daily basis. Your ketchup, sauces, packed juices, breads, and bakery products all have too much sugar.

Before you start on the diet, please make it a habit to keep an eye on nutrition info on product packaging or label.

3) Fail Days and Cheat Days

Let me be very frank with you.

I have worked with some of my best friends on their weight loss regimes and most of the times we fail pretty badly. It’s bound to happen. Recently, one of my friend lost 7 kilograms and then he had to attend sister’s wedding in Delhi. All gains were lost in three days.

It’s a sad story and it happens with everyone. But, what’s important is to keep trying, knowing that mishaps happen all the time. I understand that you’re going to fail to stick to diet and exercise more often, but who cares, you’ll always be back and better than yesterday.

About the cheat days, I feel that it is important to celebrate little victories with treats. You lose five kilograms, it’s time for a candy you love. However, at the same time, it’s essential to keep celebrations in check. Do not overload yourself with too much joy of food.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Meal Chart

Despite of what the nutritionists tell you, there is no perfect diet to lose weight. We all have to try, fall, and learn what works for our body. The important thing is to maintain calorie deficit and know when you are eating more. However, if you’d like a place to start, here is the Indian vegetarian weight loss meal plan for freethat can help.

weight loss diet plan

As you would have noticed, there three options for every meal of the day and by combing them all there will be plenty of options to eat in a month. Of course, I’ll be publishing other meal plan in a few days too.

But before you start the journey, make sure that exercising is a part of your regime. Believe me, only food is just half good. Don’t over concentrate on a single exercise like running or cycling, our bodies tend to get used to it.
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Good luck and do leave a comment if you have some questions.

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