Weight Loss Tips for People Under 30 [Infographic + Guide]

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weight loss under 30

Let’s not start with how weight problems are getting grave for young people and under 30 men and women need different weight loss tips. We all have careers to look forward to and unlike fitness gurus we have little time to spend countless hours working out and arranging for ‘perfect’ diets.

So, what should we start with? Metabolism. It’s that cranky thing that begins slowing down in your twenties and gets really bad in the thirties. In the most basic of terms, it’s simply the rate at which your body burns calories. That’s right, you used to burn calories doing nothing a few years back compared to today. It sucks, but it’s the way of the world.

And then there are other things like binge eating, alcohol, lack of workout, lack of micronutrients and similar things that further slowdown the metabolism, making our body store more fat than it should. That’s exactly where this guide on weight loss is going to help you.

Tip 1: Salt is bloating your stomach

Who likes food lacking optimum amount of salt, right? But what exactly is optimum? How much salt should we be talking? We’ll get to it in about a minute.

salt bloating
Salt keeps your stomach heavy with water.
Firstly, if you are trying to lose belly fat and still not getting the weight loss results, there’s a huge chance that sodium is causing that. Salt or sodium chloride increases water retention in the body and makes you bloat in both short and long term.

Nutrition authorities say that you should only have 1500 mg to 2300 mg salt every day, which is about 1 teaspoon. Unfortunately, just one serving of fast-food has more than 1800 mg salt- another reason to lower your pizza, fries, and burger intake.

While we are talking about salt, it’s noteworthy that water, potassium rich fruits like banana, and brown rice are good for eliminating salt and stop bloating stomach. It’s extremely important for weight loss for men and women under 30.

Tip 2: Your sugar calories are not coming from sugar

You probably already know about why sugar is bad for weight loss diet plans- no nutrition and lot of calories. However, the problem is that many people are talking sugar in ways that they do not know.

For example, a glass of mock tail might have more than 30 grams of sugar and same goes with ketchup too. Energy drinks and colas or cold drinks fall in the same category too. They are loaded with sugar while most of drink them to quench thirst.
Colas have 3 times sugar a cup of tea.

It is highly recommended that you check food and drink labels for look for sugar information. If possible, replace colas with water or natural juice wherever possible. For sauces, dodge them completely. Also read ways to dodge sugar in food.

Tip 3: You’re working out wrong way

Do you run for like 30 minutes a day and still wonder what’s wrong? Do you take a walk every night after dinner? Most women and men under thirties believe that it’s enough to lose weight quickly.

What if I tell you that your body adapts to running and jogging? Think of a cricketer who plays all year and still has that tummy? Why is that? He runs more than most of people in our country?

The problem here is that our body accommodates to challenges and get used to similar work out sessions. That’s why it is important to change the whole game every few weeks. Do the unexpected and make ways to lose calories in newer ways. Hiking, cricket, washing clothes, cleaning the garden, or cycling- it can be anything as long as you are burning calories on regular basis. Make it an essential part of your weight loss regime for men and women under 30.

Meanwhile, also remember to increase the intensity and time of the activity.

Tip 4: Your friends just don’t get it.

Admit it. We are all social being. Friends and family make a huge part of our lives, and at times, they just don’t want you to get fit. They will be taking you to these amazing restaurants, food joints, and movies to enjoy city’s best delicacies. Plus, at home, there’s always a festival or celebration around food.

Poor you. However, it’s going to take some strong will to actually say no. These eating seasons will go on forever and you have to do something about it now. Do understand that no one is going to understand your fitness goals better than you.

Tip 5: Carry your snack.

It’s just about the lunch time and you are in the office. The hunger starts to grow and the mental torture begins where you really have to concentrate on controlling the hunger. You cannot concentrate on work or weight loss diet plan. As soon as lunch time happens, you eat anything and everything, taking more calories than what you should have.

This little deviation from the plan happens often, and with everyone. And it’s not your fault. Blood sugar fall makes you take emotional decisions and eat fanatically and that’s were little snacks help.

Keep health bar, nuts, or sprouted beans handy to ensure that blood sugar does not dip suddenly and you have more control over weight loss goals.

Bonus Infographic:
infographic weight loss

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