How to Complement Someone for Weight Loss?

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complement weight loss

There are two kinds of people in the world.

One, those who are always after people with excess weight. They usually talk insensitively and end up hurting people even when they mean to complement someone. Think of someone saying ‘You don’t look fat today.’ Just no.

Two, those who don’t like to say anything about someone’s weight. They think that it’s rude and really avoid such discussions. And when there’s time to complement someone they are at a loss of words.

We have just the tips to help all of us get over it and actually use words to motivate friends and family with constructive compliments.  

'Have you changed something? You look happy'

What can be better than a non-judgmental compliment that can put a smile on a face? People working on their body aren’t desperate for ‘kind words’ but something like this makes them work harder towards the goal.

It is important that you do not point out anything about weight, fat loss, or something along these lines. Simply tell them that whatever they are doing is showing positive changes and they look extremely happy in the current phase.

'You look younger.'

Life beyond 30 is a lot different. Anything you eat not only affects the body but also takes a toll on the mind. Even the skin shows signs of smoking, late night partying and binge drinking. And when someone tries to give it up all and adapt to a newer lifestyle, changes are evident.

Diet expert Lilith Moon believes that looking the right age is the reason behind weight loss efforts in the first place. So rather than talking about how many kilos or pounds a person has lost, simply complement them on the looks. Tell them they look younger and happy.

'What's that energy?'

How about replacing that ‘You look thinner’ with ‘You look a lot more energized’? Ritika Bhatia recently shared her experienced with the Weight Loss Magazine saying that she’d be a lot more comfortable with people who talk about her energy levels than weight issues.

‘A sudden talk on weight loss would make me conscious so I take it for everyone. Whenever I have to talk about it, I complement in terms of their overall energy and positivity.’ I think that’s the way we all should do it.

'Damn, you look terrific'

In the world of chatting, emailing and commenting on social media, you have to be extremely cautious of how the words will be misconstrued. Imagine the consequences of writing ‘You now look so slim’ on your friend’s picture as she thinks of it as your way of saying that she was fat in the past. Horrors.

How about a simple ‘you look terrific’? It’s classic, effective, and conveys the message just right, whether you say it or type it. That’s evergreen compliment to please enemies, friends and crushes. And believe us, this is something that will never go the wrong way for you.     

Never Ever Say

A lot of us don’t realize it but naively said things can also upset people. It’s not their or your fault, but let’s just say that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are few phrases that you should definitely avoid.

Have you lost some weight?

Mote nahi lag rahe aaj.  

Wow what a change. From overweight to slim.

Pet utna nahi dikhta ab.

Are you eating less these days?

Eat something, you look starved.

Kha pi nahi rahi ho kya?

Do you have some tips too? Comment them here to help us.

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