The 7-Week to Fitness Challenge

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I have just completed the third 7-week fitness challenge with friends and people at work. The results were amazing. Collectively we lost 70 kgs in a group of 10 and it’s not bad at all.

I am now doing a week on week article series that will help you achieve these results too.

Before we begin, please commit to the following things; else please don’t follow the plan.

  1. This is a no-supplement based plan and the goal is to lose extra pounds and feel positive.
  2. If you have a medical condition that contradicts with the tips, please consult your doctor first.
  3. There are no cheat days. We’ll do cheat meals every occasionally.
  4. Just stay away those friends and colleagues. You know what I mean. Those party, cola, snack friends. Don’t tell them you’re working on a plan, simply avoid them.
  5. Do buy a weighing scale. Order it now and we can track changes in the coming weeks.

Week 1 Food Plan

My fitness plan isn’t some high-end weight loss program with those blueberries and tofu on the list. I mean it is great if you want to have them. 

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But, this challenge is specifically planned to be economical and simple. You won’t have to run to premium grocery and fruit stores to get the stuff we need for any of the weeks.

Get these for the first week:


  • Beans to be sprouted
  • Ice Cream- Vanilla
  • Multigrain Atta
  • Apples or any other fruit of choice except banana
  • Cornflakes
  • Green tea
  • 2 veggies of your choice
  • Salad items-Beetroot, cucumber, tomato, potato
  • Curd
  • Cheese cubes


  • Everything from the above list
  • Eggs
  • Fish
For first week, we won’t dive into hardcore dieting. The plan is to cut sugar completely off the diet and limit the amount of salt your take. Believe me, more than half of your tummy is water weight due to potassium in the body.


  1. With seven days in hand, choose your breakfast carefully. You can have cornflakes with milk and little dry fruits. No sugar at all.  
  2. Boiled eggs with two slices of bread.
  3. Apple and milk.


  1. Veggies cooked with low amount of oil and salt. It can be difficult for people living in joint family so do with whatever you have. Eat veggie with 2 roti.
  2. Fish with roti. Preferred steamed or roasted fish.  
  3. Curd and veggies.
  4. Salad


  1. Salad
  2. Fish
  3. Eggs
  4. Boiled veggies


  1. Sprouted beans
  2. Curd
  3. Cheese cube
  4. Apple

So the idea is to choose one of the options for every mean. For example, one day you can eat fish for dinner and other day just salad. Now the trick is not eating carefully during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But the trick is to snack carefully. Eat snacks several times a day, whenever you get hungry grab one of the snack items mentioned here.

Don’t wait to get mad with hunger. You will end up eating a lot.

Exercise Plan

For week one, the exercise plan is simple. You need to run half an hour morning and evening. Mind it. It’s not jogging or brisk walking. Running means sprinting really fast. You can mix it with walking to catch breath but run as quickly as possible.

If you can’t get up in the morning, do 1 hour in the evening. That’s it.

We’ll be making more progress in the Week 2 schedule. Leave your questions in comments. 

Leave your email address in comments if you want me to email you week 2 schedule. 

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